Polish Provinces Award is available to any FT8SP.org.pl members whose uploaded logbooks contains at least one confirmed contact from each of the 16 Polish provinces.

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Please remember that the system only validate contacts made after 2020/01/01 (previous QSO-s will be ignored).
Proszę pamiętaj, że system akceptuje tylko łączności przeprowadzone po 1.01.2020.

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The values in the Score column represent the number of accepted Polish Provinces for the foreign stations from the given SP station.
Wartości w kolumnie Score oznaczają liczbę zaliczonych województw dla stacji zagranicznych od podanej stacji SP.

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Award Rules (English)Print

The herby text is the policy of the FT8SP Awards Program also known as FT8SP,
Policy, program and FT8SP program. 

The objective of the FT8SP Awards Program is to encourage and to bring interest towards correspondents from outside the SP to connect with radio-amateurs from the SP. 

The registration of the amateur radio station call sign, personal sign or club sign, which the contestant is a part of is required for taking part in the program. The obligatory registration must be completed via https://ft8sp.org.pl and the logbooks of the connections with correspondents must be sent. The obligatory condition of partnership is the FT8SP program is acceptation of the herby policy. 

The data system available under https://ft8sp.org.pl does not take, process, nor does it share any personal data, especially if it might be considered delicate, not required for the verification of the radio connection. The data system does not take such personal data as name, last name, zip code, telephone number etc. 

The participant of the FT8SP program in any time of the program’s duration can resign from partnership in the program (by Edit Profile/Delete Account). However the contestants logs sent before the date of the resignation will not be deleted from the system. 

All of the connections must be confirmed by the correspondent (ADIF logs) The difference of ending time of QSO between the correspondents can not be greater than 5 minutes. 

The taken in consideration connections are carried out starting 01.01.2020.

The allowed emissions are FT8 or FT4 (MFSK). 

The logbooks can include connection with correspondents not taking part in the program, or the connections are not a subject to qualifications under the program’s policy (the system will chose the appropriate connections). 

The processing of the logs and data bases take place once a day. When the process of the data is pending the participant cannot send other logs. 

Under the FT8SP program several categories are specified: 

A. Connections with all of the SP Voivodeships (Provinces) carried out on all of the amateur bands : 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m. 

B. Connections with all of the SP Voivodeships (Provinces) carried out on the amateur band 80m. 

C. Connections with all of the SP Voivodeships (Provinces) carried out on the amateur band 40m. 

D. Connections with all of the SP Voivodeships (Provinces) carried out on the  amateur band 30m. 

E. Connections with all of the SP Voivodeships (Provinces) carried out on the  amateur band 20m. 

F. Connections with all of the SP Voivodeships (Provinces) carried out on the amateur band 17m. 

G. Connections with all of the SP Voivodeships (Provinces) carried out on the all of the amateur bands SHF. UHF, UKF, HF

The confirmation of completion of each of the category is an online diploma in a PDF file. 

Upon request of the correspondent (outside of the SP) the confirmation can be printed on paper and sent to the participant via traditional mail. This service is paid. The charge includes printing fees, and mail fee (the program is not commercial, therefore the fee is not profitable for the FT8SP program). 


  1. Amateur foreign stations - operating outside of Poland. 
  2. Amateur SP stations (prefixes: SP, SQ, SN, SO, HF, 32) and amateur foreign stations with the signs SP/XXXXX - operation within the territory of Poland. 

Correspondents under 1st point make connections with the correspondents under the 2nd point and the other way around. 

The organiser of the FT8SP diploma program reserves the right to exclude the participant from the program if the policy of the pogram, and the rules of the HAM Spirit are violated by the participant. The excluded participant is not entitled to any appeals procedure. 


The files sent to IT system of the program must be cohesive with the ADIF standards (Amateur Data Interchange Format) described on the website: https://www.adif.org

Required fields: 

<CALL>, <QSO_DATE>, <QSO_DATE_OFF>, <TIME_ON>, <TIME_OFF>, <MODE>, <BAND> - Logs, which do not have those fields filled in, and do not have an appropriate headline will not be processed. 

Processed logs are being deleted. The log records, which do not meet the policy requirements are deleted, and will not be accepted to the system.  


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