Polish Provinces Award is available to any FT8SP.org.pl members whose uploaded logbooks contains at least one confirmed contact from each of the 16 Polish provinces.

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FT8SP QOSs dBase
from the Worldfrom Poland
Total(1): 194831
(1) This value may differ after repeating the duplicate record removal procedure.
Please remember that the system only validate contacts made after 2020/01/01.
Proszę pamiętaj, że system akceptuje tylko łączności przeprowadzone po 1.01.2020.
This is an early version of the service and probably has a few more bugs. The errors will be corrected accordingly.

Welcome to our FT8 & FT4 Polish Diploma Program

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From now on you can see the current status of all FT8SP Award Member users. Please go to the FT8SP Leaderboard in the Member Navigation section.

2020.11.23 - release note (C v.1.54)Print

  • sq5be
  • 23 Nov 2020
  • Bugs
  • 5 Reads

All logbook database entries have been reprocessed. The script C contained several bugs which resulted in incorrect results.

Wszystkie wpisy logbooka zostały ponownie przetworzone. Skrypt C zawierał kilka błędów, które skutkowały niepoprawnymi wynikami.

2020.11.21 - release note (D v.2.32)Print

  • sq5be
  • 21 Nov 2020
  • Bugs
  • 14 Reads

The first ADIF log entry was not processed correctly - bug fixed.

MixW ADIF Export - notePrint

FT8SP System

Incorrect MixW export creates invalid ADIF files for FT8SP. You can use MIX2DX4WIN Converter by SP7DQR to fix the logbook before upload it to FT8SP. 
If you list your FT8SP connections by Accepted QSOs and at the column of band you see NO BAND it means you need to convert your logbook and upload it again.
MIX2DX4WIN is aviable at Download section on FT8SP website.

Eksport z MixW tworzy niepoprawny plik ADIF dla FT8SP. Możesz użyć MIX2DX4WIN Converter autorstwa SP7DQR, aby naprawić dziennik przed przesłaniem go do FT8SP. Jeśli wylistujesz swoje łączności FT8SP opcją Zaakceptowane QSOs i w kolumnie pasma zobaczysz NO BAND, musisz przekonwertować swój logbook i załadować go ponownie. MIX2DX4WIN jest dostępny w dziale Download na stronie FT8SP.

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